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The best 2017 translation agency and why your company needs it

Posted by Tomedes on December 28, 2016 – 10:07 am Filed under Corporate Translation, Language Translation Advice, Translation Advice, Translation Discussion
If your company does business overseas and you don’t use a translation service, you may be putting your company at a disadvantage. Doing business overseas can include having a customer base abroad, posting staff to different countries (or employing them...
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What is localization and why is it important to your business?

Posted by Tomedes on September 14, 2016 – 6:28 am Filed under Language Translation Advice, Translation Advice
It’s great that your business is using professional translation services to connect with customers and liaise with suppliers around the world, but are you also using localization and, if not, should you be?   What is localization?   Localization is...
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Top tips on how to choose a translation company

Posted by Tomedes on November 25, 2015 – 8:55 am Filed under Language Translation Advice, Translation Advice, Translation Musings, Translation Services
In the translation industry, just as in other sectors, there are good and bad companies. Ensuring you use a respectable translation company is essential if you want accurate translations, delivered on time and with a certificate of translation. But how...
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Eight English Words That You’re Using Incorrectly

Posted by Tomedes on August 31, 2015 – 4:32 am Filed under Freelance Translators, Language Translation Advice, Language Translators, Translation Discussion, Translation Facts
There are lots of English words that people mispronounce or misuse. In this blog post, we’ll examine eight common words that people regularly say incorrectly. Have you ever noticed any of the following errors?   1. ‘Arctic’ not ‘Artic’ If...
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Ten Words That Have No English Translation

Posted by Tomedes on June 1, 2015 – 5:33 am Filed under Language, Language Translation Advice, Translation Facts
Whilst English is the world’s most used language, that doesn’t mean that every word in the English tongue has a direct translation of words found in other languages. In fact, there are lots of rich, descriptive words that have no...
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6 Things That Should Always Be Professionally Translated

Posted by Tomedes on June 12, 2012 – 3:47 pm Filed under Language Translation Advice, Marketing Translation, Online Translation, Translation Services, Web site Translation
Translation for Global Markets? What? So you think you have the next biggest, baddest, soon-to-be-viral-and-globally-trending mobile app.  You prepare your press release, media kit, and have all your ducks in a row for the big release.  It finally hits consumer markets...
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2010 translation trends

Posted by Tomedes on January 6, 2010 – 7:33 am Filed under Language Translation Advice, Translation Musings
Yet another year has gone by, welcome to 2010 dear reader, my best wishes to you for a happy and prosperous New Year. Overall 2009 was good for the language translation industry as in spite of the recession we managed...
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Technical translation – Requirements

Posted by Tomedes on December 11, 2009 – 1:45 am Filed under Language Translation Advice, Translation Services
The world has shrunk so much more with the increasing proliferation of the Internet. We are living in fortunate times where information about progress in any part of the world can readily be made available everywhere for the benefit of...
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Tips for evaluating translation services

Posted by Tomedes on September 3, 2009 – 1:56 am Filed under Language Translation Advice
The practice of language translation is becoming increasingly popular as more companies discover the benefits of reaching out to potential customers in their native languages. But many companies find it difficult to locate a language translation service which is most...
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To specialize or not to specialize

Posted by Tomedes on June 18, 2009 – 1:57 am Filed under Language Translation Advice, Language Translators
Most professional translators at the beginning of their careers take whatever work comes their way. This means a newbie might do a medical translation today and maybe a marketing translation tomorrow and so on. He or she might not be...
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