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2010 Valentine’s Day Gift

Posted by Tomedes on February 3, 2010 – 7:42 am Filed under Translation News, Translation Services, Translation Tea Break
We have decided to show our love and affection towards our beloved new and returning customers by hading them a special gift for Valentines day. This time we will not provide a discount of 5% or 10% for our professional...
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Technical translation – Requirements

Posted by Tomedes on December 11, 2009 – 1:45 am Filed under Language Translation Advice, Translation Services
The world has shrunk so much more with the increasing proliferation of the Internet. We are living in fortunate times where information about progress in any part of the world can readily be made available everywhere for the benefit of...
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Name translation anyone?

Posted by Tomedes on December 10, 2009 – 9:19 am Filed under Translation News, Translation Services
As a name “Suri” sounds unconventional and quite nice. Perhaps that’s why Hollywood’s star couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes named their daughter so. But how would they feel when they came to know that the word Suri means pickpocket...
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Banking translation – An overview

Posted by Tomedes on December 8, 2009 – 7:51 am Filed under Translation Services
The banking sector has seen many changes in the recent years. The latest trend being the acquisition of small banks by larger ones, a strategy, with the help of which huge international banks are making their presence felt in various...
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