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South Dakota Supreme Court committee to create standards for courtroom interpreters

Posted by Tomedes on November 30, 2009 – 1:44 am Filed under Translation News
Every year an increasing number of non-English speaking people move through South Dakota’s judicial system. These people require the services of language translation providers and are assigned translators by the counties that decide who translates for them. This leads to...
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Irish politician questions the requirement of official documents into English

Posted by Tomedes on November 27, 2009 – 9:09 am Filed under Translation News
Ireland has been spending a considerable amount of money on translating official government documents from English to Irish - the country’s first official language. Michael Ring, an opposition politician from Fine Gael has criticized this expenditure stating that the translations...
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US bishop critical of the literal English translation of Missal

Posted by Tomedes on November 17, 2009 – 2:02 am Filed under Translation News
U.S. Bishop Donald W. Trautman has criticized the latest English translation of the Latin Roman Missal calling it slavishly literal. According to Trautman, the vocabulary used by the translators is frequently elitist and far removed from day-to-day language, thus making...
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Cisco’s TelePresence translation system delayed

Posted by Tomedes on November 16, 2009 – 7:54 am Filed under Translation News
Last year a company executive from Cisco had said that real-time translation of Cisco Systems TelePresence virtual meetings would be available by 2009. But going by the latest new, it seems that the company has found it the goal much...
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Optimizing content for foreign markets

Posted by Tomedes on November 8, 2009 – 9:23 am Filed under Freelance Translators, Translation News
Ambitious and foresighted marketers who take the initiative of exploring and understanding markets that are beyond their native regions and use search programs that help them get directly in touch with their consumers in their native languages have some great...
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The language translation challenges of the FBI

Posted by Tomedes on November 3, 2009 – 1:50 am Filed under Freelance Translators, Translation News
The Inspector General (I.G.) from the U.S. Department of Justice has reported that the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation is facing challenging issues in managing its language translation workload. The foremost among them is the agency’s staffing and technology problems...
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English and French language translation – A historical perspective

Posted by Tomedes on November 2, 2009 – 7:59 am Filed under Translation Musings
The history of English and French languages are intertwined, beginning with the fact that just like other major Western European languages both English and French are the descendants of proto-Indo-European family of languages. Although both languages separated on the Indo-European...
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Absence of Tagalog translation expert stumps legal process

Posted by Tomedes on October 20, 2009 – 7:45 am Filed under Translation News
A judge of the Dubai Misdemeanors Court granted unconditional bail to a Filipina detainee due to the absence of a translator who could help her communicate with the court. The incident happened when the Filipina suspect was summoned by the...
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Introducing Skype Translator

Posted by Tomedes on October 16, 2009 – 8:14 am Filed under Translation News, Translation Tools
Skype is one of the most commonly used programs for instant messaging, as well as chatting over the Internet and rightfully so, it has proved to be a simple, well designed and extremely reliable program which is free for all...
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Independent subtitle translators face legal action in Israel

Posted by Tomedes on September 22, 2009 – 8:13 am Filed under Translation News
An Independent language translation professionals group in Israel is under fire from Israel’s Anti piracy organization ALIS which has demanded that they stop their activities, issue a public apology, as well as pay NIS 1 million in damages. The group...
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